Thursday, 10 March 2016

Kerala Roofing Shed in chennai

Kerala Roofing Shed in chennai:-

What I have observed is that those who plan to construct a house in Kerala start making enquiries about “square feet cost of construction” to those whom they meet in their daily life. Based on feedback he receives he fix up square feet area of the house without compromising on his requirements. It seems he think his requirements of house can be met with square feet plinth area he fixed .Then he start looking for a contractor who offers lowest “square feet cost”

What happens to ‘square feet rate”? As building work progresses, owner will get hundreds of free suggestions and advises from relatives, friends and any one he come across in his daily life. Naturally he will ask the contractor for such changes and contractor with a smile will ask for extra charges. As the work progresses, he will learn and understand more about house construction and will start noticing defects in plan of house and everything which he has not noticed earlier. Finally he will be struggling with his funds to finish the work and contractor will go on demanding extras. When the construction finally completes, both owner and contractor might have forgotten original quoted “square feet rate

Design of house requires a lot of common sense. This common sense is what makes a good designer. House design is always a great effort in accommodating needs of client, budget constraints, space constraints, building rules, Vasthu considerations and limitations of plot. Only an experienced expert with lots of exposure to house design and construction can design plan of your house to get you better facilities at lesser cost

Most important limitation for you as a customer is that unlike a good designer, you cannot visualise well implications of those lines drawn in a plan. Most of the people realize flaws and deficiencies in the plan only when building completes structure work. Then it will be too late to do anything to correct defects and insufficient space utilisation or even wastage of space. Several clients have called me to check their building after completion of structure work to suggest ways to correct mistakes in design. But at that stage not much can be done


  • It can be used for living purposes. 
  • It is comparatively safer than other types of roofs. 
  • Its construction and maintenance is simpler and more economical.
  • It provides better light, ventilation and architectural appearance.
  • The construction of upper floor can be taken up when desired in minimum time.

  • It is economical than Pitched roof for normal residential and official buildings because false ceiling is required for thermal comfort.